Writing is one of my oldest passions and beyond reuse topics, I’d be interested in writing about all ways to better ourselves and our planet. If you’re interested in hiring me to write for your blog, magazine, TV show, whatever, please contact me here.

From fictional stories to music reviews to a magazine column on reuse, my writing history runs the gamut. What’s my favorite, though? Entertaining nonfiction. And fortunately, I get to put that into play these days, as I write the storyline for my documentary.

Writing was the first place that I found my “voice.” I had always enjoyed creative writing as a kid, but it wasn’t until high school that I learned it was OK to be creative in nonfiction. Thank you Joanne Vernacchio! Partly as a result of my favorite English teacher and wanting to be on TV as a sportscaster, I decided to major in journalism at Northeastern.

While I was in college, I studied news writing techniques, which I was able to quickly put into action, as one of my internships was for FLAT Magazine, which was put out by the store that sponsored me in skateboarding. After college, I definitely felt a void with no writing assignments, but fortunately another opportunity arose while I was working for Positive Youth Foundation/Anti-Racist Action. Most of my assignments for the PYF magazine were interviews, but I was allowed a lot of creative freedom. Not to mention, I got to interview many of my favorite bands!

Mighty Mighty Bosstones Anti-Racist Action InterviewWhile I toured the globe with bands for 7 years, my writing got pushed aside again. But it was almost immediately after I quit working for bands to focus on STAY VOCAL that a great opportunity arose. My friends at AMP Magazine gave me the opportunity to write a monthly column about ways to bring reuse into the music world.

Alex Eaves STAY VOCAL Column In AMP Magazine.