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My reuse workshops are a great way to show how reusing benefits people, planet, and wallet. They’re also a lot of fun! Most of my workshops involve a project with reusing T-Shirts, since that’s my specialty, but I can surely craft the best idea for each situation. In addition to the project, I’ll be sharing stories from my life that led me to a passionate reuse lifestyle.

I’ve got reuse workshop ideas and rates for any situation and any age group. Send me an email and let’s find the best one for you.

Alex Eaves Paper Roll Reuse Workshop in Berkeley

My middle school Go Green Club worked with Alex during his Reuse T-Shirt workshop, and we were incredibly impressed by his deep personal commitment to environmental issues. Not only did he inspire students with the concept of repurposing abandoned clothing, he wowed us with his stories of personal sacrifice for the greater good. At a time when there is heavy reliance on recycling programs to teach students about green stewardship, it was refreshing to see someone truly embrace a reduction in all the “stuff” we use each day.”

– Misty Crompton, West Running Brook Middle School, Derry, NH

The Reuse workshop was inspiring! The activities were creative and fun, the T-Shirts were fashionable and relevant, an the kids loved it. Stay Vocal is a vibrant movement that promotes positive social change. We loved it.
– Shawn Kain, The Practice Learning Center, Whitman, MA.