Whole Foods, Don’t Let Me (And The Planet) Down

As I was filling my own container of coffee at Whole Foods a little while ago, a woman working there told me that I would have to use one of their new disposable bags. She first said that they wouldn’t know how much it weighed, but I explained that I always weigh Alex  With A Scandalous Container Of Coffee Beansmy empty containers first. Then she said that she didn’t think customers were supposed to bring in their own containers because of a possible heath code issue. I then told her that if I couldn’t, I’d buy the coffee somewhere else where I wasn’t forced to waste. With that, she said that she agreed with me and understood. So, I finished filling my container, got some brewed coffee in (GASP!) my own coffee mug, and then checked out with no problem.

Here’s the thing, having anything in bulk to begin with is asking for health code issues. I mean seriously, is me filling my clean container worse than a booger picking kid grabbing a handful of tomatoes from the salad bar? Think about it, Whole Foods..

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2 Responses to Whole Foods, Don’t Let Me (And The Planet) Down

  1. lisa says:

    I know it sounds as simple as that, but there actually are health codes in certain areas that prohibit using your own containers, not to mention that (whether we like it or not) this is a very litigious society, and allowing customers to bring their own containers could possibly open the retailer up to lawsuits – what if the customer's container is contaminated in some way and comes into contact with the consumable item? There really are a lot of issues at play here. Oh, BTW, I would love to see everyone bring their own containers everywhere. There are just as many ways for customers to contaminate food items with out using their own containers, but it'll take a while until the rest of the world gets used to it.

  2. Amber G. says:

    That is ridiculous. I bring my own containers all the times with no problem to my local co-op. Additionally, I have seen a kid grab a handful of soybeans, put them into his mouth and then spit them directly back into the bulk bin. I was mortified of course.

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