When T-Shirts Become Paper Towels: A Reuse Story

Yesterday, I was at The Attic Fanatic doing a photo shoot for an upcoming feature on STAY VOCAL and the REUSE! Documentary in South Shore Living Magazine. After the shoot, Kristine from AF was expressing interest into bringing more reuse into her home. She said one of her biggest challenges was paper towels, especially with a puppy who doesn’t always “go” where he should. So, I immediately suggested my go to reuse rag idea: T-Shirts. I told Kristine that she could just cut up old T-Shirts into squares and then just wash them with her laundry and maybe keeping a separate container by the washing machine for the “extra smelly” rags. She seemed a little hesitant about the idea, but was willing to try. Today, she texted me to let me know that she had tried. And dang, she succeeded. To quote Kristine, “See ya Bounty, hello T-Shirt flower arrangement!”

Reuse T-Shirt Rags Flower Arrangement by The Attic Fanatic.

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  2. finally, I saw the story behind it. I saw this pic on my friend's facebook profile saying, "the best way to fold and store shirts in the minimum space". I search this pic on the internet to find out the real person behind this unique idea. Finally, I discovered it.

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