What A Waste: A Photo Collage Of Why I Don’t Buy Organic Produce At Trader Joe’s

Alex Eaves - Waste In Trader Joe's - 2

Pick an organic pepper: Plastic bagged, Ziplock bagged, Shrinkwrapped with compostable or Shrinkwrapped with plastic.

Alex Eaves - Waste In Trader Joe's - 3

Really, I can't just buy one garlic? I have to get a free net bag?

Alex Eaves - Waste In Trader Joe's

Sooooooo many different tomatoes in sooooooo many different packages.

Alex Eaves - Waste In Trader Joe's - 1

They don't have disposable plastic bags at checkout, but there sure are plenty in the store.

Alex Eaves - Waste In Trader Joe's - 2

And finally, individually shrinkwrapped? Seriously?

Sure, you could reuse a lot of the packaging that Trader Joe’s puts their produce in, but there’s simply no need for it to exist in the first place. It’s a waste of materials, energy, time, and money. And honestly, why would you EVER wrap chemical free produce in plastic that leeches chemicals?

I truly hope Trader Joe’s will reconsider this waste and offer all of their produce in loose form. Until then, this consumer is shopping elsewhere.

No products were purchased in the making of this post..

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31 Responses to What A Waste: A Photo Collage Of Why I Don’t Buy Organic Produce At Trader Joe’s

  1. Tim Tinsley says:

    Most farmers have to package their produce in such a way to get a barcode on their product. I agree with garlic, their should be bulk instead. But organically have to be seperated from traditionally grown produce by law, so most retailers choose to use packaging to separate it instead of underpaid under-trained associates trying to keep them seperated. Plus it forces the customer to buy a lb of this or a whole bunch of that instead of being able to just get what they need for a recipe, so they sell more and it cuts down on spoiled product.

  2. Jen says:

    I just saw this and decided to do something. In the past when I have made suggestions to TJ's they have responded favorably. So- I sent the link to this blog post to them. Thank you for writing this and maybe some folks will take notice.

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