Unveiling The Limited Edition REUSE! Documentary T-Shirt

Today is a good day! I love it when I can make an announcement that I’ve had to be quiet about for a while. So, one of the reward levels for my documentary’s Kickstarter campaign was the “Cotton Recognition Level.” Everyone who chose this would have their name featured in a limited edition REUSE! Documentary T-Shirt design. Christian Bögle, a longtime STAY VOCAL artist from Germany, offered to do the design as his contribution to the film and for a while, he and I went back and forth on design ideas. But this week, that design got completed and well, I guess I’ll just let the video do the talking:

* Pre-Order the limited edition REUSE! T-Shirts and Tote bags here.

* There will only be 75 items printed with this design.

* To make it fair to all 36 backers whose names appear on the shirt, each of the items is currently limited to 1 per customer.


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