The Money Saving Benefit Of Not Drinking Bottled Water

We’ve all heard about how much oil we could save by not drinking bottled water, but let’s take a really quick look at how much money we could save. For this, let’s call the average price of bottled water $.50, which is a bit more than when you buy a huge pack of them ($.25) and way less than buying one at a store ($.99), sporting event, or concert ($3).

Say you drink one bottled water per day. That’s $182.50 per year. And for those of us not in the financial elite, $182.50 could be used for way better things like two months worth of cell phone bills, an amazing weekend adventure with your partner, or even nine STAY VOCAL T-Shirts. (I had to get that in there. Ha.)

Reuse Water Bottle

Personally, I haven’t bought a bottled water in, oh jeez, at least four years. And no, shockingly, I have never been dehydrated! At home, I drink out of a glass and when I’m out, I always have one or two filled reusable water bottles with me. And that $730 that I’ve saved over four years has definitely been spent on better things.

Below is a quick poll to help you see how much money you could save per year.

If you answered:

  • 0: Congrats. You’ve already saved the money.
  • 1-7: You could save $26 – $182.50
  • 8+: You could save $208.57 +


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2 Responses to The Money Saving Benefit Of Not Drinking Bottled Water

  1. solar leads says:

    At the airport gate, on my way back to the U.S. (from Africa), the second security check confiscated the 3 liters of water I had just purchased in the main terminal. I cried. Literally, I cried. Clearly, the security agent didn’t understand exactly how much water I consume on a 17 hour flight (about 6 liters actually!). Water has always been my drink of choice. It just makes me feel good. I tell my clients to drink water if they have a craving, a headache, are constipated, hungry, etc. Water is so beneficial, so easy, so free yet so easily overlooked. It’s really a no brainer (actually your brain is 90% water!!!). Your body is about 70% water, the majority of your blood and every cell in your body is composed of water. Therefore, you need water to function properly.

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