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If you’re interested in booking me to speak, please head over to the contact page and send me an email with the details. I’ve spoken anywhere from a coffee shop to a few people to an auditorium to a few hundred people. Rates vary and will be discussed during our initial conversation. My one-sheets are available to download above.

I’ve always loved talking and telling stories. It’s always been the best way for me to express myself. I did name my reuse apparel brand “STAY VOCAL” after all. If we’re going to make the world a better place, we all have to use our voice. For some people their voice is art and for some it’s music. But for me, my voice is well, my voice! When I was in school growing up, I was discouraged from talking to others until after the bell rang. These days when I go to schools, I’m encouraged to talk until the bell rings.

Alex Eaves Speaking At The University Of Wyoming

Many of my talks focus on my life story: including reusing as a small child to becoming a seller and collector of T-Shirts to creating a certified green reuse apparel brand to living the reuse life that I live today. Through these stories of my own reuse passion, I’m able to encourage people to take their own steps to help our planet, whether big or small. And now having traveled the entire US filming a documentary about reusing, I have so many other stories to share too. My audiences leave with no shortage of easily implemented reuse ideas that benefit themselves, our planet, and their wallet.

Other environmental topics directly related to reuse that I can and have discussed include conscious consuming, overpopulation, and the vegan diet. One constant throughout all of my talks is humor, because really, saving the planet isn’t just gloom and doom and facts and numbers. It’s something that’s easy and fun for all ages.

So, what kind of events and places do I speak at? I’ve spoken at numerous Earth Day events, schools, businesses and I even went on a two-week Reuse & Schmooze Tour across the US, stopping at coffee shops, info shops and concert venues. I’m open to going almost anywhere that will give me time to share my ideas. Of course I change up my talk a bit depending on the audience. After all, leading a workshop for third graders is a bit different than talking at a music industry conference.

“My students and I appreciated the opportunity to hear Alex enthusiastically and eloquently share his passion for reuse. Alex’s storytelling about his journey from a college student majoring in advertising to a reuse advocate and expert was well-received by the students. Alex had powerful advice for these college students who oftentimes don’t know where to turn to find their passion and inspiration. Alex also shared how his advertising and marketing background have helped him share his reuse passion with others. Thus, students saw a real-world connection between how their communication majors can impact the world. Overall, Alex is a fun, lively, inspiring, and engaging storyteller about his passion for reuse! If he lived closer to Wyoming, I would invite him to speak to all my classes!”
– Kristen D. Landreville, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication & Journalism, University of Wyoming

“Alex Eaves’ presentation at the annual Lebanon Valley College Music Industry Conference was both informative and inspirational, especially in these days of environmental awareness. Showing how he created a successful business by taking t-shirts and turning them inside out to reprint and sell showed the kind of entrepreneurial inventiveness that is so important in our students. ”
-Jeff Snyder, Music Industry Program Director at Lebanon Valley College.