Reuse Tips To Save Money & The Planet: Pin / Button Making

Earlier this week, I was going through a lot of old photos, including a bunch from when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. So, with that sense of nostalgia still present when I was getting dressed today, I decided to wear my Beehive pin on my jeans. That was one of my favorite coffee shops while I lived in the ‘Burgh. My favorite was the now defunct Vault, which was the first repurpose of an old bank that I had seen. Anyhow… looking at my Beehive pin got me thinking about all of the hours that I spent making STAY VOCAL pins in Pittsburgh, including the first reuse ones.

Alex Eaves ' STAY VOCAL And Beehive Coffee PinsWhen you make pins, you need numerous metal parts, the design printed out on paper and a clear plastic cover. Since I didn’t want to make the REUSE pins entirely new, I decided to simply print the designs on the back of one-sided paper from recycling bins. Unless the original printing was very dark, the designs looked exactly the same. I did also experiment with printing the design on the printed side, making the pins even more unique with different backgrounds. So, not only was I saving resources, but I was also lowering my production cost. And sure, it was only a small amount of change, but it all added up.

These days, STAY VOCAL doesn’t manufacture new pins, but sometimes we acquire old pins and give them a second life with a new design. And while completely reuse pins might not be for everybody, printing the designs on one-sided paper is an easy switch that any pin maker can make.

Stay tuned for more reuse tips to save money and the planet.


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