REUSE! Documentary Tour Dates

This Friday, my assistant and videographer Ali gets into town and we’ll be spending the weekend finishing off the to do lists. We’ll also be meeting up with Chuck, so the videographer torch can be passed. And on Tuesday, we’ll be hitting the road for good. That said, we’ve got all of our tour dates!

There is of course some room for change, as we’re confirming exact locations on a daily basis and there are numerous days off planned throughout to ensure that we catch a breath and deal with any unexpected awesomeness or not awesomeness.

If you know anyone who would want to be featured in the film, they can apply to be in the documentary here. And if you have any suggestions for locations to set up a STAY VOCAL pop up shop, please email me. Thanks! And here are are the tour dates…

Tuesday, July 9: New Jersey
Wednesday, July 10: Delaware
Thursday, July 11: Maryland
Friday, July 12: Washington DC
Saturday, July 13: Virginia
Sunday, July 14: West Virginia
Monday, July 15: Kentucky
Tuesday, July 16: North Carolina (DAY OFF)
Wednesday, July 17: North Carolina
Thursday, July 18: South Carolina
Friday, July 19: Georgia
Saturday, July 20: Florida
Sunday, July 21: Alabama
Monday, July 22: Mississippi (DAY OFF)
Tuesday, July 23: Mississippi
Wednesday, July 24: Louisiana
Thursday, July 25: Tennessee
Friday, July 26: Arkansas
Saturday, July 27: Missouri
Sunday, July 28: Missouri (DAY OFF)
Monday, July 29: Kansas
Tuesday, July 30: Oklahoma
Wednesday, July 31: Texas
Thursday, August 1: New Mexico
Friday, August 2: Arizona
Saturday, August 3: California
Sunday, August 4: California
Monday, August 5: California (DAY OFF)
Tuesday, August 6: California (DAY OFF)
Wednesday, August 7: California (DAY OFF)
Thursday, August 8: California (DAY OFF)
Friday, August 9: California
Saturday, August 10: Nevada
Sunday, August 11: Oregon
Monday, August 12: Washington (DAY OFF)
Tuesday, August 13:  Washington
Wednesday, August 14: Montana
Thursday, August 15: Idaho
Friday, August 16: Utah
Saturday, August 17: Colorado
Sunday, August 18: Colorado (DAY OFF)
Monday, August 19: Wyoming
Tuesday, August 20: Nebraska
Wednesday, August 21: South Dakota
Thursday, August 22: North Dakota
Friday, August 23: Minnesota
Saturday, August 24: Iowa
Sunday, August 25: Wisconsin
Monday, August 26: (DAY OFF)
Tuesday, August 27: Illinois
Wednesday, August 28: Indiana
Thursday, August 29: Michigan
Friday, August 30: Ohio
Saturday, August 31: Pennsylvania (DAY OFF)
Sunday, September 1: Pennsylvania
Monday, September 2: New York
Tuesday, September 3: Connecticut
Wednesday, September 4: Connecticut (DAY OFF)
Thursday, September 5: Rhode Island
Friday, September 6: New Hampshire
Saturday, September 7: Maine
Sunday, September 8: Massachusetts.

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  1. LOra Roark says:

    I love what you guys are doing! I think its a huge positive for Earth!

  2. Rosales W. says:

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