* 2008 Best New Small Business Idea (STAY VOCAL – Reuse Apparel Concept)
* 2009 Green America Top 10 Business Of The Year (STAY VOCAL)
* 2010 Green America Top 10 Business Of The Year (STAY VOCAL)
* 2013 Green America Top 10 People & Planet Award (STAY VOCAL)


I had always been eco-conscious and ‘re-use minded’ as far back as the 80’s, thanks to my mother, and quite proud!- then upon meeting Alex this past summer, my standards & mindset were just re-awakened! No longer is having the most ‘recycling out’ or having the ‘coolest bags’ in the supermarket my weekly goal!! Alex has both challenged myself and my business to strive even harder- to reuse more and advocate for his ‘cause’ because it’s really ‘my cause, your cause and all our future’s’~ “because you can’t recycle the planet.”
-Beth Kalt, co-founder & Vice President, The Special E.

Alex’s passion for reuse is one of the most sincere commitments to sustainability that I have ever seen. While many “environmentalists” seek to make a fortune off of creating new “green” clothing lines and merchandise, Alex and STAY VOCAL are committed to making a positive impact in this world. STAY VOCAL is such a unique concept that I couldn’t help but invite Alex on behalf of the Social Justice League to participate in the Just Trade Fair at Bridgewater State University.
-Nikki Sauber, Social Justic League, Bridgewater State College

The band Bent Left from Kansas City, MO wrote a song about my work with reuse.
Here’s a clip. You can purchase a download of the song here.

– Jeff Speak, Josh Nelson, William Malott (Bent Left) / Kansas City, MO

“I want to thank you for turning me into a reuse cup girl. ;)”
– Veronica Keough Taylor / Port Saint Lucie, FL

“You gave me strength today. I volunteered for SAG on a 40-mile race. The organization president asked my shirt size. Knowing they’re required for access, I declined and explained why. “If it’s OK, I will do without a shirt. I have enough, and textiles are part of the footprint I am trying to lessen. I look forward to helping out however I can! Thanks, Emily” He OKed it and arranged my station in advance. Small victory for now, but maybe next time, event shirts will be optional for all.”
– Emily Hadley, Kansas City, MO

“I just wanted to thank you for running such an awesome and inspiring site and business. … Stay Vocal has made a big impression on me, so if you are ever in need of volunteers in the Colorado area, I would love the chance to give back to the organization and spread your message. Have a great vacation!! And yes, I would definitely say that you are on the right path. Its a big deal if you can impact just a few peoples’ lives or enlighten them to a certain idea, and you have clearly made an impression on more than just a few peoples lives, so you should be very proud of that.
– Devon DeVries, STAY VOCAL customer, Boulder, CO.