POLL: If You’re Giving Gifts This Season, Will Any Of Them Be Pre-Owned?

Reuse Christmas Gift IdeasAs we begin another holiday shopping weekend, I’m curious as to how many people will be giving pre-owned, or refurbished gifts this season. It’s uncanny as to how many new items are made just for this season. I’ve even seen two bands sell Christmas sweater themed sweatshirts!

I think what many of us forget is that fabulous expression, “new to you.” There are so many great pre-owned options available, whether it’s a used copy of a book or movie, a refurbished laptop or smartphone, something that they collect, a T-Shirt of yours that they love more than you do, or maybe something you make for them. It’s so easy to bring a smile to someone’s face without impacting the planet even more. And seriously, once you take the shrinkwrap off or open the box, an item is officially used anyway. So why not save yourself some money and the planet some resources by opting for a used version. All that said, what percentage of your gifts that you’re giving will be pre-owned?


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