Petition Dunkin’ Donuts To Honor Their Environmental Pledge

Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, I went to Dunkin’ Donuts all of the time. It was an institution. I loved their coffee so much, that in November 2006, I was featured in their “Coffee Chat News” newsletter for a story that I wrote (see below). But over time, I began seeing the dangers of their polystyrene foam cups and the waste that they created. I also got extremely discouraged when, unlike so many other coffee shops, Dunkin’ Donuts did not offer a discount if I brought my own mug in. So, in 2008, I stopped supporting the brand and I have not purchased one cup of coffee from a Dunkin’ Donuts since then. If they’re not going to support me or my planet, why am I am going to support them?

To further encourage Dunkin’ Donuts to make some positive change, I created an online petition. They truly should be honoring their own pledge to “recognize that everything [they] do has an impact on the environment” and commit “to adopting better, more sustainable approaches whenever possible.” Yes, those are Dunkin’ Donuts’ own words, directly from their website.

Please join me in telling Dunkin’ Donuts that you’re done drinking your coffee out of toxic containers and that when you bring your travel mug in, you want a discount.

Here is the story that I wrote for the Dunkin’ Donuts “My Best Cup” series in 2006. I ended up winning a bunch of prizes, including a reusable stainless steel thermos, that I didn’t get a discount on if I filled!


I sell merchandise for a touring rock band from Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, finding a Dunkin’ Donuts in Pittsburgh these days is like finding a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar. Well, whenever we have concerts in New England or the Tri-State area, I am always sure to recruit someone to bring me a coffee from the nearest DD. As the merchandiser, I am stuck at the show for almost the whole day, so I can’t just go get it myself. And when that person walks up to the table with my travel mug full of that famous Dunkin’ blend, I clear the line and make sure to enjoy a nice big sip of the nectar of the caffeine gods..

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4 Responses to Petition Dunkin’ Donuts To Honor Their Environmental Pledge

  1. Freeda says:

    polystyrene foam is SO 1980s!! C'mon, people, we KNOW better now!

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  4. beth says:

    Alex Eaves……. you rock! thanks for trying to make our America a cleaner & much more responsible to OUR EARTH, nation. I hope you can get this to happen. I will share this over and over again, as I know you're not stopping till you do!!! thank you Alex Eaves & DUNKIN DONUTS, please do the environmentally friendly right thing!

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