My Stop On Some Vallejo, CA Students’ Pathway To Success

Last week, I traveled to Vallejo, California and spoke to Aubrey Perry’s 11th grade class at Mare Island Technology Academy. This class was not a class like anything I had ever heard of. It’s called AVID and it’s essentially a 4-year college prep class. Currently, the students are following the Roadtrip Nation curriculum, where they’re learning to define their own road in life. Before speaking to the class, I was a little confused about it, but fortunately, the students explained it perfectly.

Alex with Marine Island Technology Academy Avid Class

“Avid is our pathway to success,” says Edgar J Hernandez. “It’s a class where we learn the skills necessary to make it through college. It allows us to be better prepared for college life and for our classes by showing us how to take notes, how to read a prompt correctly and so much more.”

Fellow student Mandi Benesh explains that “Roadtrip Nation is an adventure taken upon to find your ‘Manifesto;’ to find who you really are and what you were made to do. It is a time to open your eyes and discover all your options for your future. It’s about risks, freedom, beliefs, and shedding all the noise that surrounds you. It’s about expressing your individuality and determination.”

Reading those words was like someone describing how I’ve lived my life and surely why Aubrey asked me to speak. The majority of the class was telling my story from the 11th grade on. (I thought that was relevant. ha) I talked about how I went from a sports fanatic to skateboarder to music fan to music industry employee to where I am now: a reuse pro. Obviously, there’s quite a lot more than that, but you’ll have to hear me talk sometime.

Alex using the "Smart Board"

One cool thing about my talk is that I used a “smart board” for the first time. I’ve never even heard of this device. It projected my laptop onto a screen and became a giant touch screen. So yeah, my finger was the mouse. CRAZY!

I had a great time with the class and the coffee that Aubrey made me was exceptionally good and strong, which was great since I hadn’t had any before then. And over the past week, I’ve already connected with many of the students from the class on various social networks and I’m hoping to discuss summer internships with some of them.

If you have a class (or summer camp) that you’d like me to come visit, I’m always interested and love to travel!  You can get more info on booking me here.


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