More Tour Dates & Pop Up Shops

Most of the remaining documentary filming tour dates have been finalized, with the exception of New England, as I will probably be visiting those states casually after I get back. A few of the features are still not 100% confirmed if you or someone you know would want to be in the film: Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Wyoming.

Also, there are new confirmed STAY VOCAL Pop Up Shops in Fargo, ND and Black River Falls, WI with more on the way. Want to host one?

Alright, here are the dates:

Monday, September 16: Denver, CO
Tuesday, September 17: Laramie, WY
Wednesday, September 18: Omaha, NE
Thursday, September 19: Iowa
Thursday, September 19: South Dakota
Friday, September 20: Fargo, ND
Saturday, September 21: Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, September 22: Black River Falls, WI
Monday, September 23: Illinois
Tuesday, September 24: Illinois
Wednesday, September 25: Indiana
Thursday, September 26: Michigan
Friday, September 27: Ohio
Saturday, September 28: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sunday, September 29: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Monday, September 30: New York
TBA: Connecticut
TBA: Rhode Island
TBA: New Hampshire
TBA: Maine
TBA: Massachusetts

Reuse Documentary Filming Tour Dates Update


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