More Purging Means More Reusing (AKA More Shirts To Give Away)

While traveling around the country this summer with a pretty limited wardrobe, I realized that I could easily part ways with more of my shirts from the bands and brands that I’ve worked with over the years. So, this weekend, I did one more major pull and added them to the selection of free bonus shirts with the purchase of the Alex Eaves ReUse Life T-Shirt.

Since I can’t add photos of the now 50+ bonus shirts to the item page, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@iamalexeaves), as I’ll be periodically showcasing individual shirts over the next few weeks. And finally, if anyone wants to simply barter for any of these shirts, I’m always open to trade for coffee or vegan food. Alright, time to sleep.

Alex Eaves Reuse Life T-Shirt & Bonus Shirts


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