Living Reuse (Quick Interviews): Paul Burnette (Iron Reagan, Ex-Darkest Hour)

This interview series features the same 4 questions to a variety of noteworthy people and a fifth question, specific for them.

In the summer of 2003, I was introduced to Paul Burnette, as his then band Darkest Hour was touring with the band that I was working for at the time, Anti-Flag. It was quite a memorable introduction too, as Paul had recently been bitten by a poisonous spider and his enlarged foot was obvious proof of it. Fortunately, Paul made it to the doctors, had it treated, and lived to tell the story. As time went on, Paul and I toured together numerous times and became friends through mutual interests in coffee, the band 311, and as you will see below, reusing.

1. What’s the best thing that you ever got used?
My bass. There’s no need to purchase a new instrument. I’ve had the same bass now for 23 years. It’s like Frankenstein’s monster at this point, but I still haven’t come across anything like it.

2. What’s the last thing that you took out of the recycling or trash to reuse somehow?
My son loves creating with all the recycling. Its a great creative outlet, and afterwards it goes back to being the recyclables. The recycling always provides my gift wrapping and packaging.

3. What’s your favorite hot drink to get in a reusable travel mug?
Coffee from the French Press!

4. How could YOU reuse a cereal box in your daily life?
I could use it for a lunchbox.

5. Have you ever reused broken bass strings for anything?
I tried to make a mobile once, but it tried to poke me in the eyes. I broke my pickguard on tour but patched it with part of a discarded buspan. I love creating/fixing with found/discarded objects.

If you want to see Paul shred on that 23 year old bass, check out the video for my personal favorite from the DH, “Convalescence.” Also, please check out Paul’s new project, “Iron Reagan.”.

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