Living Reuse (Quick Interviews): Multimedia Artist Nick Z

This interview series features the same 4 questions to a variety of noteworthy people and a fifth question, specific for them.

I met a lot of great people in my many years of skateboarding and one of those was my friend and now globally recognized multimedia artist, Nick Z. Back in high school and college, we bonded over skateboarding, music, and printing T-Shirts. Nick even designed the logo for my first company, Goon reigN. Well, years have passed, but Nick and I are back in touch more frequently. And wouldn’t you know it, we’re both pretty passionate about reusing. As you will find out below, he even works with cereal boxes!

Nick’s art is anything from murals to commercial design; mainly influenced by “the defiance and attitude of youth, color, and everyday interaction and adventure.”

DEFINITELY check out Nick’s work… after you read this interview of course.

Nick Z and Alex Eaves - A Loooong Time AgoThe friendship stayed alive, but fortunately my facial hair style did not!

1. What’s the best thing that you ever got used?
One of the best things I ever got used was my Ford Festiva from the 90’s. It was about 4 years old when I got it and since it was such a tiny little car (with amazing gas mileage), it lasted 12 years. Best used deal ever in my eyes.

2. What’s the last thing that you took out of the recycling or trash to reuse somehow?
Wood, wood and more wood!. Every time I see wood in the scrap, I have to pull over and check it out and take it; such a waste if its not reused somehow.

3. What’s your favorite hot drink to get in a reusable travel mug?
Hot cocoa of course; maybe with a crushed York Peppermint Patty at the bottom.

4. How could YOU reuse a cereal box in your daily life?
I have been collecting old cereals boxes for a while now and repainting them. I showed a bunch I repainted in Chicago in 2008. I felt great about giving them a second life.

Nick Z - Cereal Box Art

5. What’s your favorite used material to repurpose with your art?
Well, right now I’m using a lot of old envelopes for collage work; collecting them from bills in the mail, trying not to waste them; also, because the insides of them have cool patterns usually..

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  1. David Stone says:

    Great article and great people. I am constantly trying to improve reuse in my life. I am trying to have a better radar on all things reusable. Items being reused for art really broadens opportunities and I need to make more of an effort for a whole lot more of that in my studio.

    Question for you guys and readers if you have the time. I am going to pose a question my blog ( ) and was curious “What you are drinking out of?. My wife and I had this conversation after talking about all things ceramic and pottery one night. Travel mugs, ceramic mugs, ball jars, favorite novelty mug from a road trip etc, occasional paper cup? I love seeing that sacred ritual vessel that many of us hold so dear. Have to say the favorite cup is one of my top reusable items. That and you cannot beat 5 gallon buckets for the studio. Later, Dave.

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  4. Have to say the favorite cup is one of my top reusable items. That and you cannot beat 5 gallon buckets for the studio. Later, Dave.

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