Living Reuse (Quick Interviews): Green Events Planner, Karine Brighten

This interview series features the same 4 questions to a variety of noteworthy people and a fifth question, specific for them

In 2010, my friends in the East Bay area of California got married and opened a gourmet cinnamon roll shop within a month of each other. Sounds a little hectic right? Well, it actually wasn’t too bad at all; mainly because of the hard work of green events planner, Karine Brighten. It was at these events that I met Karine for the first time and she expressed a great interest in what I was doing with both STAY VOCAL and my reuse ethics in general. So of course, we started discussing ways that we could collaborate. And in the spring of 2011, we did.

Alex Eaves and Karine BrightenIn April of 2011, Karine put on the first annual Berkeley Vegan Earth Day and took me on as a green/reuse consultant for the event. It was pretty awesome to see the flyers for the event printed on the back of scrap paper! Since then, we’ve worked on various projects together, including the 2012 BVED, fundraising events, film screenings, and some yet to be unveiled plans. (Stay tuned!) As you will see below, reuse isn’t just a part of Karine’s business, but her personal life as well. To learn more about Karine and to hire her to plan your next event, head over to Karine Brighten Events.


1. What’s the best thing that you ever got used?
My doggies from the shelter! LOL

Green events planner, Karine Brighten, and her rescued dogs

2. What’s the last thing that you took out of the recycling or trash to reuse somehow?
Box of cereal – I cut it into rectangular pieces and used it for a raffle I did at my last event

3. What’s your favorite hot drink to get in a reusable travel mug?
I don’t use a travel mug because I only drink hot drinks when I’m at a coffee shop but  I love my chai tea latte in a big mug!

4. How could YOU reuse a cereal box in your daily life?
Reuse it for scrap paper all the way.

5. Totally off the events topic, I know you just moved into a new apartment. Could you tell me if and how reuse was involved in any way?
There was actually lots of reuse involved.  We bought a refurbished washer and dryer, a dinning room table from Craigslist, and got an awesome set of dressers at a garage sale that my husband refinished. It took almost 4 days, but we love the results. We also went to the El Cerrito Recycling Center to get reused packing materials, like bubble wrap and boxes..

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