Living Reuse (Quick Interviews): Emile Goss – Graphic / Web Designer

If you’re reading this right now, you’re looking at Emile Goss’ hard work. Emile not only designed this website for me, but the STAY VOCAL website as well. I feel extremely fortunately that we connected in 2008 through the band, The A.K.A.s.  Over the past few years, Emile has branched off from web designed and become a talented young graphic designer. His website,, catalogs much of his work. So, how does someone who works on the computer all the time reuse…

1. What’s the best thing that you ever got used?
MacBook Pro

2. What’s the last thing that you took out of the recycling or trash to reuse somehow?
Glass Sprite bottle (Mexican Sprite, so no HFCS)

3. What’s your favorite hot drink to get in a reusable travel mug?
I don’t especially like hot beverages, but I like hot chocolate.

4. How could YOU reuse a cereal box in your daily life?
Since I use my phone for notes/grocery lists/etc. I don’t have much use for scrap paper, so when I write notes to people that I mail, I always use backs of show flyers/pieces of cereal boxes, etc.

5. Being a huge fan of music and living in Pittsburgh, what’s the last used CD that you bought at The Exchange?
I haven’t bought anything from The Exchange in years. Typically, I don’t actually buy music anyways. However, I believe I bought RATM’s The Battle of Los Angeles several years ago at The Exchange..

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