Living Reuse (Quick Interviews): Artist/Musician Christian Bogle

This interview series features the same 4 questions to a variety of noteworthy people and a fifth question, specific for them.

In 2005, I ran a design contest for STAY VOCAL and one of the designs was submitted by a young lad from Germany named Christian Bogle. His “Make Yourself Heard” face quickly became a permanent design for SV and since then, he has created many designs for my brand. My personal favorite is still his “Reuse Cereal Spill” T-Shirt design.

Christian is constantly busy, creating T-Shirts and album layouts for bands and poster designs for festivals. You can see a lot of his artwork here. And if he wasn’t busy enough with artwork, Christian is also the guitarist for the band Arms Like Snakes. (Note the shirt he’s wearing in the press photo!) One of these days….one of these days…. Christian and I will finally meet in person.


1. What’s the best thing that you ever got used?
The red roadstar bass I got from my cousin back in 1999. I still have it and use it in most of our demo recordings.

2. What’s the last thing that you took out of the recycling or trash to reuse somehow?
I took a few crushed ice boxes that a club had for the trash and built a rack for my wall
out of it. That one looks pretty decent and didn’t cost a cent.

Christian Bogle & Reuse Ice Boxes

3. What’s your favorite hot drink to get in a reusable travel mug?
Tea. I like to fill my travel mug with tea. All sorts of it.

4. How could YOU reuse a cereal box in your daily life?
I use cereal boxes for packaging if I need to send something on ebay and ate cornflakes before.

5. What kinds of used material have you created art on?
Paper, old wood & T-Shirts..

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