Join The Conversation: What Do You Keep Out Of The Trash?

Earlier this week, I launched the first line of STAY VOCAL Pendant Bracelets that are made with used guitar strings. It got me thinking back to my days touring with bands and how many strings I saw my guitar shredding friends break. And to my recollection, they always ended up in the trash.

Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour

One of the best results of reusing is keeping things out of the landfill by giving them another life. That’s why I turned STAY VOCAL into a strictly reuse apparel brand. That’s why I reuse bread and cereal bags for dog cleanup. That’s why I wrote a blog about 25 ways to reuse envelopes a few weeks back. I’m not saying that we all need to become hoarders and not throw anything in the trash or recycle bin. I’m just saying that we could all think a bit more; about other uses for potential disposables or even better yet, not getting disposables to begin with.

So, what’s one thing that you used to throw away (or is normally thrown away), but now you don’t? What do you do with it? Leave a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going, because the more ideas we share, the more we’ll keep out of the landfill. And the more we keep out of the landfill, the healthier our planet will be.


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5 Responses to Join The Conversation: What Do You Keep Out Of The Trash?

  1. Lynn Manheim says:

    I haven't bought paper towels in decades. I either use washable rags or the paper (sometimes brown, sometimes white tissue-type) that comes with various delivered items. I cut it into handy squares and use a small batch to absorb spills, remove brown skid-marks from cat litter pans, grab upchucked hairballs, and even hand-wash the floor. The brown paper is strong enough to rinse and reuse.

  2. Lynn Manheim says:

    This one is personal, but I'll share it because it can save a lot of trees. Women, you do NOT need toilet tissue when you're home. Use any container capable of holding water, fill it and keep it by the toilet. After you've done what you needed to do, pour the water slowly over your pubic area with one hand and use the other hand to direct the water to the necessary area or areas. When I started to do this I realized that I felt "fresh" all day. Keep your own special cloth towel to dry off.

  3. results says:

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  4. Audrey says:

    I save empty potato chip bags. Cut them apart and use to roll out cookie dough, roll dough, or homemade noodles. Fold and toss. Not much to clean up.

  5. Sam Smith says:

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