I Got Sick, So I Rested. Our Planet Is Sick. Let’s Let It Rest.

Last Wednesday, I was greeted with the New Year, but also with… the flu.

Well, for about about 5 days, I’ve been doing some major resting and not much eating. This morning, though, I was back to my normal breakfast and drinking coffee by the local pond that I frequent. I definitely wasn’t 100 percent, though, as so many days of taking it easy can be quite a change for the active person that I can be.

Alex Eaves in Hingham, MAWhile I was watching all of the snow wash away with the 60 degree temperature (aka climate) change that we had in Massachusetts, I met a neighbor who walks a similar route as me in the morning. When I said hello, I noticed that he had a bag full of trash. It was pretty obvious that he was collecting it while he walked, so I complimented him for his efforts. We chatted for a moment and then he left. As the man walked away, I almost immediately began to feel even better.

The planet is sick. It’s sick of our trash. We all know it. But we CAN make it better. So what do we do when a planet is sick? We do the same thing that we do when a body is sick: encourage ways for it to rest, relax, and of course, stop filling it up with trash!

No, we don’t all have to take morning walks and pick up litter. Personally, I just use less disposables to begin with. I bring my own cups, bags, containers, and silverware almost everywhere. The amount of waste I create is drastically reduced.  Reusing is really so simple; yet really so effective.

Well, that’s my story from the pond today. I hope your New Years was a bit more exciting than mine. But I guess I just needed a break. 2013 was an intense year for me. And with my documentary on the way this spring, 2014 will probably be even more intense. But hey, I’m stoked!

Happy New Year everybody..

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