How To Reuse Old Bic Lighters

How To Reuse Old Bic Lighters

This morning, I responded to a message that I got from Sasha Seymour, one of my facebook friends. She was really excited at the answer, so instead of just letting it stay in my mailbox, I thought I would share it with everybody. Enjoy.

Sasha: “Hello! I was wondering if you had any creative ideas on how to reuse old bic lighters? I see them all around, and the waste makes me sad. Thanks! Sasha.”

Me: “Hi Sasha. As far as lighters go, the best thing we can do is encourage refilling them. There is a great youtube tutorial about that.

“As far as a creative reuse goes, they could be incorporated into any number of art projects. Maybe just writing the word “waste” or “reuse” in lighters and mounting it. This is probably the coolest reuse I’ve seen though. Have a good one! Alex”

Well, those were just some of my quick ideas on how to reuse this potential trash and save resources and some money in the long run. There are surely many, many more great ideas, so if you’ve got any of your own, please share! And if you’ve got an item that you hate to just put in the trash or recycling bin, ask me about it. I’m sure I can figure out a way to reuse it.

Have a good night,

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