Happy 3-11 Day 2013!

Many of you may not understand why March 11th is a holiday that I celebrate (or that it’s a holiday at all). So, please know that it’s because of the positive influence that the members of 311 and their music have had on me for the past 19 years. Without it, the path I chose would have been drastically different and I would surely have never been inspired to attempt at putting my own positive stamp on this planet. And as a result, I’m writing this message on my website dedicated to my work with reuse.

Alex Eaves with 311's P-Nut and Chad Sexton in 1997

In addition, without the band’s positive influence, I never would have created my reuse appaerel brand, STAY VOCAL. And that’s why every year, I celebrate with a special STAY VOCAL 3-11 Day sale.

Finally, here’s the interview I did with 311’s P-Nut late last year about how he involves reuse in his life. I love how life comes full circle.

All that said, HAPPY 3-11 Day!

Alex Eaves 311 Peaceful Revolution Image.

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