From Pants To Pages: Reuse In The Kitchen

Alex Eaves Pants Hanger Cookbook ReuseOver the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen this pants hanger reuse idea a few times and tonight I finally remembered to try it. I was making a casserole and definitely didn’t want to get the oil and tomatoes all over my cookbook. Well, it totally worked! It was a lot easier to read the cookbook with it in front of me AND I didn’t get any food fingerprints on it. This is one of those super easy, “why didn’t I think of that before”, super helpful reuse ideas. And another rad thing? It cost $0 to solve the problem. If you want to see what I cooked, scroll below.  It was pretty dang tasty; just add a little salt and pepper after it’s cooked.

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures Cookbook Recipe

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures Cookbook.

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