Documentary Update: New Videographer & Tour Dates

Whew. The break is just about over! What was only supposed to be one week in California, turned into four. Unfortunately, my assistant, Ali, had to unexpectedly go home and wasn’t able to join me on the rest of the tour. But sure enough, it was a blessing in disguise, as the break was much needed. I was able to catch up on work (and some sleep), as well as plan for the second half with my new videographer, Peter Fuller.

Peter will be joining me for the filming tour until we hit new England at the beginning of October. I was introduced to Peter by a new friend that I met at one of the STAY VOCAL pop up shops in August. He is originally from Santa Cruz, California and now lives in Los Angeles, where he works in the film industry as an actor, writer, producer, and videographer.

Peter FullerBeing from one of the more eco-friendly cities in northern California, Peter is no stranger to that lifestyle. In fact, one of his closest friends is street artist Justin Delaet (AKA Madness2012), who creates his art on found materials, like scrap wood or old records. (See Peter’s card above.) After our few interactions, it was clear that Peter would be a great addition to the team and I’m pretty excited to head out on the second half of this adventure with him. And with him being a comedic actor, who knows what kind of other videos we might create? If you’d like to learn more about Peter and see some of his work, please check out his website.

Since Peter officially came on board with the project last week, I’ve been busy setting up the new schedule, confirming the filming locations and places to stay. Here is a look at where we’ll be during our first week. If you’re close, maybe we can meet up for some coffee! Also, we do have one confirmed STAY VOCAL Pop Up Shop in Denver, CO. Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting more updates regularly.

Monday, September 9: Reno, NV
Tuesday, September 10: Eugene, OR / Portland, OR
Wednesday, September 11: Poulsbo, WA / Seattle, WA
Thursday, September 12:  Missoula, MT
Friday, September 13: Boise, ID
Saturday, September 14: Salt Lake City, UT
Sunday, September 15: Denver, CO
Monday, September 16: Denver, CO

Reuse Documentary Filming Tour Dates Update


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