Creative Reuse For Some Hardcorps Skateboard Nostalgia

Over the years, I acquired hundreds of T-Shirts. This is just a little story about a few that I wanted to keep and how I reused them.

In the late 1990’s, I was sponsored by my local skateboard shop, Hardcorps, in Hull, MA.  My friend Corey Wells, who ran the shop, also put out a magazine called FLAT, featuring local skateboarding, surfing, and music. Some of my first journalism work was actually featured in that magazine. In addition, Corey also started selling skateboard decks under the name United, but later changed it to Local because of a trademarking issue with a roller skate company. Yes, a roller skate company! Not only did I ride LOCAL boards, but my friend Tom Moses and I also printed the Local T-Shirts in my basement.

Alex Eaves, Tom Moses, Ben Hockman in Flat MagazineEarly Issue Of Flat Magazine – Find Me Twice!

Alex Eaves CD Review 1999 Flat MagazineMy CD Reviews In An Early Issue Of Flat Magazine

Local Skateboards LogoLocal Skateboards Film For Screenprinting

It’s been almost 15 years since Corey closed the doors on Hardcorps, Flat and Local, but I still have my T-Shirts from each one of them and a United one too. While they mean a lot to me, I just don’t need so many shirts, especially when I travel so much. So, after debating some ideas, I decided to take the four T-Shirts and turn them into one. I know, it’s nothing amazing and new in the world of reuse, but it’s just a great way to consolidate some physical memories.

Alex Eaves in Local Skateboard T-ShirtAlex Eaves in Flat Magazine T-ShirtAlex Eaves in United Skateboards T-ShirtAlex Eaves in Hardcorps Skateshop T-Shirt

Alex Eaves In Repurposed Hardcorps Skateshop T-ShirtAlex Eaves In Repurposed Hardcorps Skateshop T-Shirt (Back)Nature's Path Cereal Box Reuse ShippingWhile I was cutting the designs out of the T-Shirts*, I decided that I would surprise my friend by sending him one of the shirts. He was also sponsored by Hardcorps, but lost all of his shirts over time. I thought he’d appreciate the shirt a lot more than I would another patch on my shirt. Hopefully he won’t read this before it shows up.

*The remaining T-Shirt material will be used for STAY VOCAL patches or dog bandanas..

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