Collecting CAN Lead To Minimalism

Anybody else a fanatic sports card collector when they were younger? I definitely was. It started with baseball and then moved to basketball as I got older. It was unfortunately at this time that I was making more money, which I used to spend on cards. Let’s just say, I bought a lot! But alas, we should all learn from our mistakes. These days, I’ve narrowed my collection down to a fraction of what it once was. I’ve kept some for sentimental reasons and I do have some reuse plans with one stack of them.

One thing that I always wanted, though, was a card of myself. But when I was growing up, they weren’t made for everybody like they are now. So, I decided to make one…online only of course! Extra points if you know what year card this trading card of me was inspired by.

Here’s a picture of some purging through eBay that I did in Pittsburgh a few years back. Yikes, right?

Basketball Card Purging In Pittsburgh - 2005


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