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A “Mini” Step To Celebrate The Planet This Holiday Season

This time of year, I’m especially happy to be a passionate reuser. Between gifts, wrapping paper, and decorations, there is just so much new stuff made and unfortunately, a lot of it is thrown away. I just want to give … Continue reading

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Creative Reuse For Some Hardcorps Skateboard Nostalgia

Over the years, I acquired hundreds of T-Shirts. This is just a little story about a few that I wanted to keep and how I reused them. In the late 1990’s, I was sponsored by my local skateboard shop, Hardcorps, … Continue reading

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More Purging Means More Reusing (AKA More Shirts To Give Away)

While traveling around the country this summer with a pretty limited wardrobe, I realized that I could easily part ways with more of my shirts from the bands and brands that I’ve worked with over the years. So, this weekend, … Continue reading

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