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25 Ways To Reuse Envelopes Before You Recycle Them

Envelopes. Envelopes. Envelopes. What do you do with all of the used envelopes when you get mail? And what about when you get junk mail with a return envelope? Do you just immediately toss them in the recycling bin? (I’m … Continue reading

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Reuse Tips To Save Money & The Planet: Pin / Button Making

Earlier this week, I was going through a lot of old photos, including a bunch from when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. So, with that sense of nostalgia still present when I was getting dressed today, I decided to wear … Continue reading

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When You Need A Cardboard Box, Why Buy New?

In 2003, I sold merch for the band Social Distortion in San Diego one night. When the show was over, instead of just recycling all of the boxes, I kept some of them for storage at my apartment. Over the … Continue reading

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