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POLL: If You’re Giving Gifts This Season, Will Any Of Them Be Pre-Owned?

As we begin another holiday shopping weekend, I’m curious as to how many people will be giving pre-owned, or refurbished gifts this season. It’s uncanny as to how many new items are made just for this season. I’ve even seen … Continue reading

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POLL: After Halloween is over, what do you do with your decorations?

Whether it’s happy trick or treaters wiping chocolate off their faces or angry neighbors taking toilet paper out of their trees, the day after Halloween always involves cleaning up. And for almost everyone who celebrates, it means taking down Halloween … Continue reading

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Which common disposable items do you avoid buying and choose a reuse option instead?

It’s a weird world that we live in. We spend money on items that are meant to be used only once and then throw them away. Since “away” is really just under our feet and I personally like to save … Continue reading

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