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Join The Conversation: What Do You Keep Out Of The Trash?

Earlier this week, I launched the first line of STAY VOCAL Pendant Bracelets that are made with used guitar strings. It got me thinking back to my days touring with bands and how many strings I saw my guitar shredding … Continue reading

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When You Need A Cardboard Box, Why Buy New?

In 2003, I sold merch for the band Social Distortion in San Diego one night. When the show was over, instead of just recycling all of the boxes, I kept some of them for storage at my apartment. Over the … Continue reading

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POLL: Do you bring your own bulk food containers to the grocery store?

When I was checking out at the grocery store the other night, both the cashier and the bagger commented on the glass jars that I had brought for my bulk foods. They both agreed that it was a great way … Continue reading

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