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Join The Conversation: What Do You Keep Out Of The Trash?

Earlier this week, I launched the first line of STAY VOCAL Pendant Bracelets that are made with used guitar strings. It got me thinking back to my days touring with bands and how many strings I saw my guitar shredding … Continue reading

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Happy 3-11 Day 2013!

Many of you may not understand why March 11th is a holiday that I celebrate (or that it’s a holiday at all). So, please know that it’s because of the positive influence that the members of 311 and their music … Continue reading

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With 311, the music, message and memories are really the most valuable to me.

These days, I enjoy collecting experiences rather than physical items. I’ve realized that the more stuff that I have, the less time that I have to do anything with it. I also feel a bit trapped when I’m surrounded by … Continue reading

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