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It’s Not Just A Reuse Workshop. It’s Working Together.

Recently, I visited West Running Brook Middle School in Derry, NH for the first official go at my REUSE! T-Shirt workshop geared towards kids. What originally was planned as a 2-hour session of storytelling and reuse education through shirt designing, … Continue reading

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Who needs a Christmas Tree when you have a ladder and a hula hoop?

My friend Brenda definitely made my holiday season better. Not only did she send me some ridiculously good cookies, but she created this “tree.” She wanted to be eco-conscious when getting a tree, so I suggested reusing, not getting a … Continue reading

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POLL: If You’re Giving Gifts This Season, Will Any Of Them Be Pre-Owned?

As we begin another holiday shopping weekend, I’m curious as to how many people will be giving pre-owned, or refurbished gifts this season. It’s uncanny as to how many new items are made just for this season. I’ve even seen … Continue reading

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