Calling All Businesses, Organizations & People Who Reuse: Want To Be In My Documentary?

Reuse Documentary by Alex EavesThis month, I’ll be hitting the road to begin filming my documentary about reuse. In each of the 48 contiguous states (and DC), I’ll be visiting with one business, organization, or person who is working with reuse in an original way. By sharing these stories, the documentary will help show how reuse is beneficial for people, planet, and wallet. So, would you like your story to be seen and heard?

If you’re interested in being featured in the documentary, please email me with the following information. Please put “Reuse Documentary Story” as the subject.

* Contact Name:
* Business or Organization Name:
* Brief description of your work with reuse:
* Website:
* City, State:
* Contact Email:


New Hampshire
Rhode Island.

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8 Responses to Calling All Businesses, Organizations & People Who Reuse: Want To Be In My Documentary?

  1. Michael says:

    Pure Inspiration

  2. @immunity says:

    When we have our coffee you can roll tape on our business practices as a green company, how we obtain office supplies and the like from Government Surplus. Prosense Productions. Not to mention we are fellow filmmakers. See you on July 11th?

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  5. We make mittens and hats out of used wool sweaters and sell them to stores around the northern states and sometimes to Japan.

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  7. Thelma says:

    Very inspiring and I'm glad to learn about it!! I was wondering how is the progress currently and I'm so excited to learn all aspects of this documentary. Please keep updating about it…

  8. Jodie says:

    This documentary is a pure inspiration indeed. People deserve to know about such topic and that's why I've decided to share such concept details within my Facebook wall. Thanks and keep sharing latest updates.

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