A “Mini” Step To Celebrate The Planet This Holiday Season

This time of year, I’m especially happy to be a passionate reuser. Between gifts, wrapping paper, and decorations, there is just so much new stuff made and unfortunately, a lot of it is thrown away. I just want to give our planet a break.

In wanting to do even more this year (and wanting to use the boxes of cut up shirts that I have), I created mini Reuse T-Shirts for STAY VOCAL. These are a way for us to celebrate our planet during the holidays and throughout the year. And with the help of Mailorder Mom on the sewing machine, I think they came out pretty rad.

STAY VOCAL I Love Earth Mini T-Shirt

If you want to take this “mini” step to celebrate our planet, there are numerous designs available both at http://shop.stayvocal.com/ and the SV pop up shop at The Attic Fanatic in Hanover, MA..

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